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About Leisure Homes

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail - Leonardo Da Vinci



Leisure Homes (established in 2001) is a family-owned real-estate development & project-management firm, specializing in luxury contemporary projects. Our passion is excellence and attention to detail.

Our aim is to provide the most attractive interior and exterior architecture, the highest level of quality in engineering and choice of materials, and a consultancy service befitting the expectations of our exacting clientèle.



We take particular pride in our corporate goal to build homes that are elegant and timeless, have a harmonious feel inside and out, maximize useful habitation spaces, and are practical, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. We partner with like-minded architects, engineers, and suppliers to create highly desirable one-of-a-kind homes. We go out of our way to source these services and products, often far beyond the local market, to create unique and highly sought-after homes. Homes which are great investments.



Through in-depth research into construction techniques and materials, attention to detail, practicality, design and craftsmanship, we create homes that have an optimal balance between beauty, quality and value for money.

We have found this balance to be the recipe for the long-term satisfaction of our clients and the success of our family company.



Right from the drawing stage, we implement a systematic approach to project management. Extensive research goes into each villa: not only do we prepare complete thorough floor plans, 3-dimensional renderings and models, but we often decide on all furnishing, materials, lighting, and landscaping before construction begins.

This upfront preparation allows us to ensure a coherence in terms of colours, materials, design, and space-usage, all of which result in a “zen” and harmonious home where your well-being is the ultimate goal.